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This site is for use by members of the St. Croix Valley Indoor Tennis Club. On the menu at left, members can click on Private Links to reserve a court, sign in for a reserved court, manage or view player information, manage their list of playing partners, and keep up on all the latest club news. Links under this heading are password protected.

A set of links are provided under Public Links with information about the club is available to the general public as well.

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You can receive discussion board updates by turning the cookie feature on in your browser. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options, and then click on the Privacy tab. Then move the slider bar so that first party cookies are accepted or click on the Sites button and add http://www.stcroixtennis.com/ to the sites that allow cookies.

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On this site, all email addresses appear as hyperlinks. If you use a mail client such as Microsoft Outlook or Eudora, then clicking on the email hyperlink will take you directly to the client and ready to create the email. If you use a web client for email (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.), then you will want to copy the email address and paste it into the To: box of your mail client program.

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Login is done on the left menu by clicking on a capitalized header (RESERVATION PAGE, etc.). Your login is your share number. It always consists of three digits. If your share number is 135, then your login name is 135. If your share number is 8 or 93, then your login name is 008 or 093, respectively.

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